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        For years, Lidwina and I divvied up the day in a fairly traditional way. Lidwina would photograph the guys getting ready, I would photograph the girls getting ready, she would take the groomsmen, I would take the bridesmaids, and we would generally leap frog throughout the rest of the event, capturing what was needed based on our different strengths.
        We just naturally fell into a groove that made sense and that seemed like it worked for us.
        And it did, for the most part.
        Until We got bored.
        They were starting to feel a little stale and too ‘standard.
        Our creativity wasn’t as alive as it used to be.
        When we asked ourselves why we weren’t as creative as we once were, we realized that both of felt like we didn’t have the room to get creative because we were so focused on our individual ‘responsiblities.’
        What I realized is that while shooting something as critical as the ceremony, neither of us was really willing to take a chance on shooting something creative because we were both concerned with getting the must have shots.
        Ever since then, Lidwina and I have developed a system in which one of us, alternately, is entirely responsible for the must have traditional shots throughout the day, and the other person is completely responsible for ‘getting creative.’
        So if it’s my turn to be RESPONSIBLE, I’m in charge of setting up and taking things like the standard wedding party portrait while Lidwina runs around and captures images that are CANDID AND CREATIVE.
        One of us is creating beautiful yet standard images, while the other is completely responsible for the creative stuff that we all love!
        My job is to shoot from my head that part of the day, her job is to shoot completely from the heart.
        Ever since we began developing this method, we’ve created more images that we’re proud of and that have driven our portfolio to the places we want to go, while serving our couples and their families with beautiful images that tell the story completely.

        "my passion for a great story, a carving for lovely things, families coming together, the emotional moment of the first dance that splits seconds as loving expression breaks across the faces of husband and wife, all of that's why I"am a wedding photographer"

        About Our Work

        In your quest to find a wedding photographer you’ve probably fought your way through terms such as “Reportage,” “Photojournalism,” “Candid,” “Traditional” and the like.
        So I guess you are asking what kind of wedding photographers are Michele & Lidwina?
        Well… none of them and all of them!
        We ensure we capture the atmosphere of your wedding day as it changes. From the excitement leading up to your wedding ceremony. To the joy and laughter of the speeches and evening celebrations.
        Our desire is to fulfil your dream of having amazing wedding photography. Then you can relive your beautiful wedding day whenever you want. Nothing is to much trouble, just ask and you will receive.
        We create a unique blend of contemporary and traditional wedding photography for you as well we aim to capture in photojournalistic style the moments that you don’t see because you are enjoying with family and friends.

        As your wedding photographers, we  promise to deliver amazing images that will live in your family for untold generations.


        We are artistic high end wedding photographers for discerning clientel.
        Most of our couples book us to be their wedding photographers one to two years in advance. For this reason we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible to check our availability.
        Between us this year, we will reach 700 weddings photographed during the last twenty years. So we we have a huge depth of experience photographing weddings in the DR, as well as destination weddings.



        If you’ve ever worked with a good photographer, then you’ve learned that good photography is not cheap.
        Why? Because good photography is not easy.

        The photographer might make it look so. We might not seem stressed or even like we are having a lot of fun, but do not confuse expertise with ease. They are not the same thing.

        Believe me, bad photography waste memories. And the truth is, bad photography is much more expensive then good photography!



        Good photography, requires vision, passion, zeal, inherent visual aptitude, and last but not the least cutting edge technology which will materialise your vision and make it stand out from the rest, by making it look crisp, fresh and appealing.

        Well, we are very talented and experienced photographer but without the state of the art equipment we can offer you we could not exploit creativity as we do, or we would not take pictures in rain, snow or in poor or bad light situation.



        As professional photographers with over 25 years of experience, we had a lot of time to see what works best in term of price presentation. Some clients love the idea of a pre set wedding photography package but I firmly believe every wedding is different and you should not to include anything you do not want in your wedding photography. For that reason we only offer an a la carte list as coverage option.

        Anything you’d like is up to you!

        You can stick with just hourly coverage, you can add an engagement session, rehearsal dinner coverage, an album, parent albums. We can truly customize any pairing of items to create a collection that is yours and yours alone.






        Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

        What make us different from other photographers?

        • We have been in business for more then twenty-five years.
        • We have shoot more then six hundred weddings
        • We are trained in all technical aspect of wedding photography
        • We can create awesome images for you in the rain, in the snow, in the dark, when a timeline completely falls apart, when things run late, on the beach, in the city, and so forth.
        • We are photographers and photography educators.
        • We are extremely experienced in all aspect of the wedding day: as a husband and wife team, Lidwina can fix a wedding dress zipper or a garter belt clip. Michele can tie a bolt tie like no one else, put on cufflinks, pin a flower on a jacket.
        • We can answer any question that you have about your wedding day, help you choose vendors, photography locations.


        “Hey, go out. Play and see the world!”

        When we are not photographing, we enjoy nothing more then spending time with our boys.  Twice a year we get together for a family trip:  nice places, good music, genuine food, smell of freshly baked bread, sea salt on our skin, sound of cricket in the summer, sound of snow falling, red wine and lot of fun are the soundtrack of our life.

        Go to a Jovanotti concert, go on a roadtrip, play soccer in the snow, try kitesurfing, see the Northern lights, go on a real safari, spend one vacation on a boat, float in the Dead sea, live in a different country for awhile, roll on the desert dunes, skying in summer, go through Route 66 in a vintage muscle car, throw a paper plane from the Tour Eiffel, see cherry blossoms in Japan, donate blood, send a message in a bottle, fly in a hot air balloon, experience zero gravity, learn a new language… shoot your wedding 🙂